No Contact Protocol

Hello & Welcome

We are an informal collective of Donors Drivers & Dispatcher that take after-market or corporate inventory donations of Hand Soap, Isopopyl Alcohol, masks, and other necessary items and immediately redistribute them to local individuals and organizations that are/serve the low-income, disabled, elderly, and quarantined.

Our objective is to flatten the COVID-19 curve by redistributing shelved and inaccessible post-market goods and getting them into the hands of those most likely to be impacted by supply chain short-falls.

We do this on a strict no-contact model to protect the safety of our Drivers. Our drivers carry one pick up or Delivery at a time, distribute it immediately. Drivers do no more than two runs per day, volunteering their time and fuel, and often providing their own hand sanitizer/gloves. We do this via a dispatch service that schedules the driver and alerts the donor or recipient as they approach.

No donations or deliveries are left curbside unattended, no inventory without an immediate destination is carried.

We help Donors from over-stocked households, small businesses, and corporations find organizations and individuals (Via survey and response amongst various peer support groups and known established NGOs) where their goods can make the biggest difference and take the burden of supply chain transfer off of the donor’s shoulders.

We have the capacity to repack bulk donations of Hand Soap and Sanitizer into 375ml & 500 ml packages thanks to private donations of packing materials. We can accept larger scale donations from small businesses with the understanding that organizations on our shortlist will be prioritized for redistribution ASAP, and a small quantity there of redistributed to individuals in need. If your business requests, a final copy of the organizations distribution list can be shared. We do not share identifying information on drivers or recipients. This is for safety and privacy. Day end statistics on quantities redistributed will be posted.

We are always accepting Donations, Requests of Need, and Volunteer Drivers.

Any quantity can make a difference. If you were fortunate enough to get 12 three packs of wipes, or 1ltr of soap or Isopropyl, or flats of canned goods, one or two single items can make a world of a difference for someone waiting on fixed income or reliant on medical machine support. A quick fb or whatsapp message, and a driver can come to your door, at an hour of your choosing, without even looking at you, to make a pick up. If you want, we can share non-identifying details of where your donation went to. IE: a family of four on disability, an elderly couple with mobility issues, or an organization that has stated a public request for goods for their community.

Let us help you help our communities. Dispatch is Available by Direct Message